Product Analytics Project



Practera’s Product Analytics Project Template helps your students to get through their Product Analytics project with the support of interactive, learning content and mentor feedback. It develops teamwork, 21st Century professional skills and reflective practice, while working towards a Project Report and (optional) Presentation.

Simply give your students a project, enrol them in Practera, put them on a team with their project provider and/or mentor and monitor their progress and satisfaction.

  • Team and project based
  • Mentor feedback
  • Professional development
  • Self & Peer Assessments
  • Supportive learning content


Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop and apply employability skills
  2. Develop and apply experiential learning, including reflection
  3. Engage in professional development, including networking


Key features

  • Team360 assessments
  • Chat
  • Fast feedback questions
  • Feedback loops
  • Auto- assign reviewers
  • Auto-publish
  • Gamification: achievements and unlocking
  • Notifications
  • Range of assessment styles
  • Feedback survey


Successful examples

Global Scope

Study NSW has deployed Practera to support Global Scope, a large scale, low cost business projects network whereby international students undertake real life projects with NSW government, business & community organisations. Over 2.5 years, more than 1200 students from seven universities have gained real world skills with more than 150 clients and a professional mentor.

LIVE Projects

Live Projects is a initiative of Study Melbourne. The 3 week Business Project Program is aimed at supporting international students studying in Victoria. In 2 years over 1000+ students from 15 institutions & 300+ industry partners have participated. 90% of participants report improving their employability and skills and social connections as a result of undertaking Live Projects.

Licensing / Pricing

The price includes access to the template and 1 license. Each extra license can be purchased at the same price.

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