A day in the life of... an Accelerator Manager at CSIRO (Fully automated, Individual)


Let your learners step into the shoes of startup accelerator manager and learn how to solve complex problems. Their decisions will influence their pathway forward - individualised, adaptive, engaging and fun!


This program is designed to provide a short experiential learning experience for those wanting to peel the back of an Accelerator or Incubator. 
Students will help CSIRO ON Accelerator Co-Founder & Director David Burt, assess 4 submissions to Australia’s national ‘deep technology’ accelerator. Review the submissions, provide their own background assessment of the value propositions and provide David their recommendation of which teams most fit the selection criteria. To complete the program, they will work through the timeline below.



Features overview:

  • Fully mobile and engaging
  • Web version available
  • Custom branding for the app
  • 5 modules with a total of 15 activities
  • 12 individual pathways depending on actual decisions and real world feedback
  • Full documentation and tips for the perfect experience
  • Premium quality video and multimedia content
  • Document and video submissions
  • Reflection loops
  • Analytics and Insights


Setup and configuration

After purchasing, you can download the template and upload it to Practera. To use this template you need a Practera Design License. (FREE TRIALS AVAILABLE). The import of a template takes less than 1 minute and you will be able to customise the employee app with our easy to use customization tools. From download to enrollment of your first employee in less than 10 minutes? Absolutely possible. Instruction videos will be included in your download.



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